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Switching From A Windows PC To Mac

Switching from Windows to Mac

A little while ago I made a decision I thought I would never make: to make the switch from Windows to Mac. I don’t always adapt to change very well, so I wanted to do some research before finally making the call. However, to my surprise there was surprisingly little information to be found online. So after making the switch myself, I compiled a list of all things to consider when switching from a Windows PC to Mac.

Things to consider when switching from Windows to Mac


First of all, Apple is infamous for being extremely expensive. Prices range from €1200 for the cheapest new Macbook Air to €3200 for the fanciest new MacBook Pro. Not a purchase to take lightly. If you’re lucky, though, you might be able to find a high-quality refurbished or second-hand model.

Check out Macvoorminder, Forza, or Leapp if you’re in the Netherlands.

USB- and other ports

Post-2016 Macbook Pro models no longer carry regular USB ports. In fact, the laptop’s existing USB-C ports are pretty useless unless you buy an adapter. Apple has got rid of the “old-fashioned” ports to minimise the design (and, coincidentally, function of the laptop, ha!). This means you are going to have to add a high-quality adapter on top of your already expensive purchase. I got mine from a Dutch webshop.

It talks!

When first starting your new laptop, it will probably at some point start talking to you. It was quite loud and weird because mine spoke with an interesting Dutch accent, so it took me by surprise, but it’s all okay: you can just switch off the sound.

Transferring files

During initial setup your new Apple product will offer to copy documents from your previous device onto the new one, whether this be an Apple or Windows product. For Windows, all you need to do is install the setup programme on your Windows computer, make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi network, and from there just follow the instructions. It may take a while (I had over 80GB of documents), but it’s a great service which makes the switch so much easier.

System Preferences

System Preferences, aka Settings in Windows, is your new friend. I advice you to go through all these settings first because they will teach you a couple of things about your new Mac, but also allow you to make personal changes. For example, I changed the scroll direction and speed for my external mouse and tracking pad.


Siri is also your friend! The newer models come with this built-in digital butler, which is very helpful for finding your way through the Apple universe. Instead of browsing hopelessly for that one application I don’t know where to find, I just ask Siri. She’s my new Australian best friend (you can adjust voice and accents in System Preferences).

The keys

The keyboard for Apple products work quite differently and it might lead to some frustration at the start (it took me far too long to find the € sign), but there won’t be anything you can’t Google! You will get used to it in no time.

Your new Mac will transfer your files for you.

The conveniences of a Mac computer

Honestly, I don’t miss my Windows laptop one bit. The transition went much more smoothly and easily than I had expected. Here are some of the things I like the most about my new Macbook.

  • The image and sound quality, two of my top priorities for a laptop, are amazing.
  • It is a great lightweight that can be carried around anywhere.
  • The laptop is well-protected with Touch ID.
  • The touch bar felt like an unnecessary luxury at first, but it actually comes in quite handy. It offers text prediction as well as spelling corrections, general settings like brightness and volume, and an emoji keyboard.
  • The Mac keyboard is the most comfortable I have ever used on a computer, and this is something I am always extremely picky about. However, there are some well-known issues with the butterfly design of the keyboard which may become a problem at some point.
  • An Apple computer comes in handy if you’ve also got other Apple products lying around. Airdrop is a real blessing for sharing files between my phone and computer now, although I must say I was also slightly disappointed with how certain things can’t synch-up (like the Podcasts app).

Websites to help you make the switch

Hope this was of good use to you! Here are some other handy websites:

🇳🇱 Dutch websites

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