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#1 A Week In The Life: Back To Work

A Week In The Life: Back To Work

For the past few weeks I have been struggling massively to find time and peace to write, so I decided to make things easier for myself. Instead of planning posts that need a lot of research and attention, I want to just write what has been going on in my life lately. Here’s the first post from a week in my life.

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3 Books I Did Not Finish, And Why

Books I Didn't Finish

Although I am an avid reader, I am still a very picky person when it comes to books. I have not yet determined my reading taste exactly, so I am still running on trial and error. This year I struck gold as I read a couple of extraordinary books in a row during lockdown, but we can’t always be so fortunate. Here are some of the books I didn’t finish, and why.

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3 Must-Visit Bookshops In Utrecht

The city of Utrecht is a UNESCO-renowned city of literature, so rest assured there is lots to find here. With so many wonderful local and independent shops around, there really is no need to order your books online anymore. I have summed up the three best bookshops for you that all offer English literature.

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Holiday In The Netherlands: An NS Hike

One evening I was sat on the sofa browsing the NS newsletter out of boredom (I couldn’t get up because my cat was in my lap), when I came across their hiking routes. While we are still pretty limited to our holiday plans, this seemed like a fun thing to do in the Netherlands, so soon my friend Steven and I set out for one of the NS routes nearby.

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