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Falling Behind

For the first time since starting this blog, I failed to write posts for two weeks in a row. During the two weeks I was out, work piled up, blog ideas lay unwritten, and all sorts of intentions went out of the window. All of a sudden I found myself massively behind on life. So this week, I wanted to talk about the frightening sensation of falling behind.

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Coming Off The Pill After 8 Years

Coming Off The Pill After 8 Years

Who knew that the minute I hit 24, my body would go down into deep decay and reject all hormones? Okay okay, I may be overreacting a little. But in all honesty, the past few months have been total chaos for me and my hormones. And now finally, I am coming off the pill after 8 years.

For this post I wanted to get my frustrations out and share this long pill-filled journey with you. It’s pretty personal, so surely it can’t be relatable for all of you. I’d love to hear your stories though – because I know so many of us have had to cope with lots of stress concerning these matters. Do share your opinion down below!

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Lifestyle Living abroad

Thoughts On Post-Expat Life

It’s been a good four months since I moved back home from England to the Netherlands, and last week I started to feel this strong urge to write down my thoughts on post-expat life. It has been a strange and disconcerting experience altogether which I find difficult to put into words, but I certainly want to try.

Perhaps you are considering a move back home, are on the verge of going back, or are just curious to see what it’s been like for me. Either way, I hope you can take away something from this post!

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4 Years of Dance Videos with Patricia

4 Years Of Dance Videos With Patricia

My friend Patricia and I have known each other for years now, ever since I started dance lessons during my student years in Tilburg. I was impressed with her skills from the start and later asked if she wanted to do a video with me, which she gladly said yes to. It was the start of a great friendship, and after a few years of separation (while I lived in the UK, sorry about that!) we reunited again this year to do another video. I proudly present our latest work!

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Benefits of Volunteering

Some say never to give away hard labour for free, but I’ve come to disagree. In recent years I’ve started seeing many benefits to volunteering, like how it can be meaningful for the local community, but also help you improve new skills. Most of all, volunteering has been a great opportunity for me to socialise and connect with people. After moving to a new city this summer, I signed up for voluntary work again, and it’s led to a great and active summer. So for this post, I wanted to sum up some of the benefits of volunteering!

This post contains photos I took at Pluk de Nacht in Utrecht and Amsterdam. For more information, visit their website. You can also find my photography portfolio here.

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