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3 Must-Visit Bookshops In Utrecht

The city of Utrecht is a UNESCO-renowned city of literature, so rest assured there is lots to find here. With so many wonderful local and independent shops around, there really is no need to order your books online anymore. I have summed up the three best bookshops for you that all offer English literature.

Savannah Bay

Telingstraat 13, 3512 GV Utrecht
🇳🇱 Savannah Bay website

Savannah Bay originated as the first feminist bookshop in the Netherlands, but in its 25+ years it has grown to offer even more: it now houses many intersectional topics such as postcolonial literature (including BLM), LGBT+ fiction and non-fiction, study books, and even children’s fiction and YA. On top of that, they organise literary events, often in support of the LGBT+ community.

Almost entirely run by volunteers (including me this summer!), I recommend this shop as your first stop for anything literature-related. Savannah Bay and the foundation behind it strive for emancipation, in particular of the LGBT+ community, and pride themselves in delivering friendly and personal service. This is a place where many people love to come for even just a chat. No matter what you’re looking for, this bookshop is guaranteed to do their best to help you.

If you’re not able to pop by, check out the Savannah Bay webshop!


Janskerkhof 7, 3512 BK Utrecht
🇳🇱 Bijleveld website

On the corner of Janskerkhof you will find the picturesque Bijleveld, which has been an independent bookshop since 1865. They stock a good amount of English fiction and non-fiction literature, as well as many Dutch titles, of course. They have good knowledge of the latest contemporary novels and are always willing to help you find your next exciting read. If whatever you’re looking for isn’t in the shop, you can order with them at the counter.


Oudegracht 112-b, 3511 AW Utrecht
🇳🇱 Broese website

This bookshop, which recently moved to a beautiful new location, is the largest you will find in the city. The shop is worth a visit for its modern architecture alone, but due to its impeccable size you will also find lots and lots of reading material here. Classic novels, magazines, graphic novels, study books, the list goes on: you may expect to find it at Broese. If what you’re looking for is not there, you can order it in the shop or through their website. In their new shop, Broese also houses a cosy little café. In addition to their vast expanse of literature, you may also join Broese for literary events every once in a while.

Not looking to buy another book? Check out the new library!

Potterstraat, 3511 AJ Utrecht
Library website

For those of use who don’t want another book piling on top of our overflowing bookcases, the library is the place to go. It has recently reopened in one of the most beautiful locations the city has to offer: the old post office. Unfortunately Dutch libraries do require you take out a paid subscription, but it is definitely worth it if you’re an avid reader!

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    Steven Sterk (Servetstraat 3), is ook een hele fijne boekhandel, imo!

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      August 7, 2020 at 1:23 PM

      Oh ja, daar ben ik wel eens langsgelopen! Ik moet nog een keer naar binnen stappen.

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