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Bisexuality In Books – Review

Bisexuality In Books Review

Happy Pride month! Coincidentally, I recently realised I’d read multiple books with bisexual/fluid characters in the past year. That makes me Proud with a capital P, because it means representation is growing and (hopefully) stereotypes are being fought. It is also nice to read something relatable every once in a while. So, for this gay post, I thought I’d do a review on bisexuality in books.

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Looking Back: My Reading Habits in 2018

In terms of reading, 2018 was a beautiful year for me. It was the year I rediscovered the library and with that reinvented myself a little bit. As a young girl I’d been a massive bookworm, but I lost this trait when over the years school/uni work piled up. Slowly in my early twenties I started to get back into reading – but then the brilliant services of the public library pushed me into a metaphorical pool of books. It was wonderful. Once again, I have become the bookworm I so much cherished as a little kid. Here’s how I did it.

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