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My Trips To Britain – Photo Report

Edinburgh Castle

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Judging from my travel past, I would have to say Britain. That’s no surprise really, considering I lived there for 2.5 years and I am an English teacher.

Now that I am back in the Netherlands, I long for more sightseeing around the British Isles. Sadly I don’t think a trip back will happen anytime soon, so instead I decided to dwell on the past with a photo report of all my holiday trips to Britain.

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How To Reduce Screen Time

How to cut down on screen time

Now that many people are getting weekly phone updates on how much time is spent on-screen, I am sure some are wondering on how to cut down on screen time. Personally I only average 1-1.5 hour a day – 3 times less than others! – and it is all thanks to conscious decisions I’ve made that helped me move away from my phone. So, today I would like to share my best tips with you.

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Lifestyle Minimalism

Minimalism Challenge: 2 Months Of Living Out Of A Suitcase

minimalism challenge

I recently underwent a minor minimalism challenge: 2 months of living out of a suitcase. Though not quite as ambitious as Petri Luukkainen’s project, in which he moved all of his things into a storage unit and was only allowed to take out one item every day (he started completely naked!), this was certainly an interesting experience. I have described the whole process and my reasons for doing it in this blog post.

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Scotland Trip Highlights: Edinburgh & Inverness

Me in Edinburgh

Last week I set out on a 5-day trip to Scotland, where I visited Edinburgh and Inverness. I had a great time travelling all by myself for the first time, and with the amazing weather last week I managed to catch that true holiday feeling! I now have lots of pictures and good memories, so today I wanted to share with you the highlights of my Scotland trip.

For live images of my Scotland trip, watch my »April video«.

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Saying Goodbye: My Favourite Places in Sheffield

Favourite places in Sheffield

This month my friend Nele came to visit and it served as the ideal opportunity to come back to my favourite places in Sheffield. It was the perfect day out for showing my friend some of the city’s hotspots, but also a great chance for me to say my goodbye to these places before I move back home at the end of April.

In my three years of living here, Sheffield has become very special to me. I love showing people my city and I do it with much pride. Therefore I wanted to share these places to visit in Sheffield with you. I hope this makes for a wonderful guide when you come to explore this great city!

You may also enjoy »April 2019 – Document Your Life video« with live images of this trip!

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Lifestyle Living abroad

Cultural Differences Between Countries: UK vs NL

Observing cultural differences

Since I moved to the UK 2.5 years ago I have observed many cultural differences between my home country and the British land. The funny thing about these differences is that they’re not that apparent to tourists or others outside the UK. It wasn’t until I became part of British society myself that I started noticing the peculiarities – the things that are truly British, but that you will never find explained in a textbook. These differences all seem quite random, but they have actually taught me a lot: not just about British culture, but about my own culture too. Continue Reading