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For months now, I have been sorting the old pictures on my external hard drive, dating all the way back to 2008 when I was just a young tween. As I was going through these pictures I found little gems here and there, and eventually decided to open up a Redbubble shop! In this post I share what I’ve currently got on sale.

My photography years 2008-now

I’ll be presenting the photos currently available in my shop in chronological order.

Pink Roses, March 2009

Konica Minolta DiMage 7Hi

Available as postcard

I took this picture with my dad’s old bridge camera, which had a macro function on it. I used this a lot when taking pictures in the garden, although I think this was taken inside the house. Roses remain my favourite flowers to this day.

Stained Glass Ceiling, April 2012

Analogue (camera unknown)

Available as postcard

I took this picture with an analogue camera, though I can’t remember which one. At one point, I owned about 5 or 6 cameras. I was exploring The Hague on a day trip with one of my best friends when we found this beautiful stained glass ceiling inside a big shop in the city centre.

Canal Houses Utrecht, September 2014

Sony SLT-A65V

Available as poster/print/postcard

This picture I took on a day trip to Utrecht with one of my other best friends, Lauren. I also have a really cool analogue shot of this exact spot. What’s funny is that I now come across this place on a weekly basis, because I live just a few minutes away!

Dom Tower Utrecht, December 2015

Sony SLT-A65V

Available as poster/print/postcard

The city of Utrecht always appealed to me because I grew up a short 30-minute train ride away. I remember peeking in between the bikes on purpose for this shot, to emphasise the Dutch view. Nowadays the Dom Tower is all covered up in scaffolding for renovation, so the view is very different.

Cambridge, March 2016

Sony SLT-A65V

Available as poster/print/postcard

I was working my last internship at a vocational college and got asked to come along as a teacher on the study trip to Cambridge. Of course, I said yes. I had never been to Cambridge before. I didn’t know it had such beautiful canals and it was famous for punting.

Cambridge Ceiling, March 2016

Sony SLT-A65V

Available as poster/print/journal

On this trip we were given a tour of the university grounds. Just days before I had accepted my offer to study at the University of Sheffield, but unfortunately I never returned to Cambridge for a visit during my time in England.

Spring Blossoms, March 2020

Canon EOS 77D

Available as poster/print/phone case

At the start of the lock-down this year, my dad encouraged me to go out for walks around the neighbourhood with my camera. Spring is my favourite season, so floral and blossoms have been a bit of a theme for me. I hope to be adding more shots from earlier springs soon!

Red Rose, April 2020

Canon EOS 77D

Available as poster/print

Another picture I took nearby during the lockdown. I like how the delicacy of this shot matches the softness of my first shot above. It feels like we’ve come full circle!

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