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Heartbreakers #12

I was worried about continuing after last chapter. I had this scene in mind for a while, but then chapter 11 turned out quite big and important too. I hope it’s not too cliché now? Let me know!

2016; autumn


In November the days had grown darker and colder and the birds outside didn’t wake the house as early as usual. On Saturday they all slept in. Bowie got up around nine and made his way downstairs, where he found Jamie already sitting at the kitchen table with a bowl of cereal and morning tea. Bowie yawned a “goodmorning” as he poured himself a cup. He sat down at the head of the table, face-to-face with Jamie. The two sat silently while they warmed themselves up with their teas. Jamie looked barely awake, bags underlining his sleepy eyes. He gave a yawn as Bowie sat frowning worriedly, his chin resting in the palm of his left hand. He squinted and took a thoughtful breath, after which he announced what was on his mind. “I’m worried about Rosie,” he said. He’d tossed and turned about it in bed last night. It was no pleasure seeing a friend so broken. “I think we should do something nice for her,” he added. Jamie crunched his cereal sleepily and played around with the spoon in the bowl. He nodded and his face turned just as worried as Bowie’s had looked a moment before. “I thought we could take her out to sea, get away for a moment,” Bowie furtherly suggested. “Yeah,” Jamie croaked, nodding again, “sounds like a good idea. Blow off some steam,” he added. Bowie contemplated Rosie’s fallen mood. He wondered how it could have escaped him, all those years living together. He had considered her one of his best friends for years now, but all the things she spoke yesterday he had known very little of, especially in regard to her relationship with Gijs. He tapped the top of his mug with his fingers, lost in thought still. “Did you have any idea…?” he wondered aloud. Jamie answered with a half mouthful. “About Gijs? No, she’s always been private about these things,” he wiped milk away from his lips. “Perhaps there was a sign in the privacy, though,” Jamie went on. “Maybe she didn’t want to share these things because she thought it would change our opinion of Gijs,” he explained. Bowie squinted his eyes at Jamie, mulling over this point. “Well, to be fair, I never thought much of him. We barely ever saw him,” he said. He thought about the three years Rosie and Gijs had gone out. He’d never really gotten to know him. Come to think of it, he couldn’t recall ever having an actual conversation with the guy. Now all of a sudden that struck him as odd, but of course it was much too late for thoughts like that. He went on drinking his tea and made a promise to himself to look out for his friends a little more in the future.

Rosie rose around twelve, at which point Bowie was cooking up a brunch for his housemates to join in on. After their midday meal of fried eggs and vegetarian sausages (Rosie had stopped eating meat a few weeks ago), they bundled up in scarves and winter coats. They took the intercity to Zandvoort, where they sat on the upper deck in a four-seat, Rosie across from the two guys. She sat looking out of the window the entire journey.

At the beach, things were quiet, apart from the rush of the wind blowing north. The horizon was lined with clouds and everything looked grey. Bowie and Jamie jumped in the wind and ran around pretending to be birds floating in the sky. Rosie watched from a distance. The sea was gushing wildly and her eyes teared from the gusty wind. Streams of sand blew low on the ground. She stood frozen, taking in the scene. It might as well have been black and white for such a colourless day. The boys’ laughter came distorted through the winds. Both of them had put their hoods up and secured it tightly to keep from the cold. Jamie’s nose showed red and running. Their burst of energy died down and they walked back to Rosie to join her side, staring out to sea. The three of them stood quietly, hands tucked deeply into pockets for warmth. Bowie snuck a secret glance at Rosie and found her smiling. He moved slightly to the left to put his arm around her, while catching Jamie’s eyes and a grin. He, too, joined in for the hug. There they stood for a while, watching the sea make an uproar. “Thanks, guys,” Rosie murmured softly.

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