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Heartbreakers #5


Jamie x Macy

The room was dark, all curtains closed. Outside it was a warm August evening. Jamie listened to the silence in the room. Next to him, he felt Macy’s soft skin radiate warmth. They lay side by side in his bed, the back of their hands tickling from being so close together, but not quite touching. His left arm was spread out on his side of the matrass. He could feel it cooling down after that evening’s activities.

They both lay in intimate bliss staring at the ceiling. Neither of them wanted to break the quiet air between them. He turned onto his right side to face her and nudged in a little closer, their bodies hidden beneath the grey covers. He moved his fingers carefully through her hair, caressing the moment. “Hey,” he whispered hoarsely. Her lips went up slightly, showing the curves of a dimple and a smile. He had only view of her profile, until she dropped her head his way. “I haven’t told you about my plans yet,” he continued. They had spent a lot of time together that summer and talked about almost everything, except this part. Now the deadline of their romance was approaching. Perhaps they had silently agreed on ignorance in order to enjoy their moments together, but now it was time for him to share this new part. The part where their lives separated. He twisted his fingers into her hand. “I found a course in Utrecht,” he spoke quietly. “I’m moving at the end of the month.” Her eyes grew big and twinkled in excitement. “You are?” she asked eagerly. He nodded. “I’m so happy for you!” she pressed against him for a hug and squeezed him tight. “I’m really glad you found something,” she said, moving back a little so she could look him in the eyes, “you really deserve it.” He smiled and felt the warm flutters between them. He knew she was leaving this month, too. She had spoken enthusiastically about her plans all summer. Her ambition and curiosity had motivated him to pick himself up after the dreadful year he’d had at uni. He felt pretty down for a while after he had dropped out. She had helped him up again. “So, I guess this is it, huh?” he played with her hands. She looked at him with that familiar, friendly, open-hearted smile. It was a happy ending.

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