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Heartbreakers #7



The three of them stood side-by-side at the front of the garden centre. Rosie clapped her hands and shifted excitedly from one foot to the other. “Finally adopting Henry!” she exclaimed joyfully. She had had this plan for weeks and wouldn’t stop talking to the guys about it. Making it through her first week at uni seemed the perfect occasion to treat herself. Jamie and Bowie were needed for celebratory support and heavy carrying.

As they made their way through the shop at a leisurely pace, dodging other customers and garden products strategically placed as obstacles on their course, Jamie spoke of a girl he had seen at introduction. They hadn’t officially met, and he wasn’t sure what she even studied, but he wouldn’t quit about her. She was a tall, Dutch brunette who looked totally carefree. He had gathered her name was Sara. “I just have a feeling about her,” he said as they were making their way to the Pots & Plants section. Rosie had her eyes on a small tree in an enormous blue glazed pot. “She seemed really cool. And spontaneous. I just don’t know how to get to her,” he wondered aloud. His friends hadn’t had a moment’s rest from his newest crush this week. At this point, they had stopped actively listening. “I need to find out what course she’s on and if we have any mutual friends,” he decided. As usual, he kept his hands bundled up in the front pockets of his jeans. Bowie moved along on the other end of the aisle, unresponsive because he no longer had anything to offer to this conversation. Rosie, in their middle, marched on with a focused stride, her eyes fixed on the plant in question. “Henry! Henry!” she cheered again, standing still at a tree only just smaller than her. She put her right hand out to give the tree a little shake. “Isn’t he beautiful?” she smiled at the others. Bowie returned a friendly nod, while Jamie stood lost in thought, not looking anywhere in particular. Rosie found a cart to put her new friend Henry on, looking at the challenge quizzically while the other two stood by and watched. After a while of not achieving much, Rosie looked up at Bowie with her hands on her hips and said, “are you going to help?”. Bowie snapped out of whatever daydream he was having and mumbled something along the lines of “right, right, of course” as he ducked down to lift the large heavy pot onto the cart. Jamie, meanwhile, still stood useless behind Rosie, thinking of ways to approach his new crush. “Perhaps you’ll see her at Thursday night drinks,” Rosie remarked while they moved on with the cart. “Yeah,” Jamie replied with content. “I probably will,” and with that he was ready to close the subject.

Upon reaching the Pets aisle, Jamie and Bowie started reminiscing about Jamie’s childhood dog. They chatted happily as they trailed behind Rosie, who was rolling Henry towards check-out. They were still laughing and talking when Rosie pulled out her wallet and started negotiating with the cashier whether to lift Henry onto the conveyor belt, or just leave him on the cart. The guys weren’t paying attention until Jamie caught a glimpse of the cashier’s lime-green company polo and a name tag hidden under shiny brown hair. The girl looked up and pointed at Jamie. “Hey, I know you!” she smiled at him. “Hey,” he replied with surprising calm. He approached the counter and tapped on it with his right hand.

“So, you work here?”

She nodded, her face beaming. “It’s Jamie, right?”

He smiled back at her.

The name tag, revealed underneath her hair, spelled out Sara.

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