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Heartbreakers #9



Bowie swung open the front door to find Rosie standing there, looking stern. She grunted and kicked her shoe against the threshold. “My parents are separating, and they FORGOT to tell me!” She sounded intense. Bowie moved sideways to open up the doorway for her, after which she hasted inside. She looked tense and frustrated. For a moment, she stood lost in the hallway, small and sullen, her hands hanging loosely besides her body. “Tea?” Bowie inquired, softly closing the door behind him. She nodded fiercely.

She had settled on the living room sofa with the warm mug, her legs tucked in close to her body. Bowie had taken the worn-out pouf. He sipped his tea while she stared ahead. “How did you find out?” he broke the seal of silence. So far, she hadn’t said much. But while he had been preparing their teas, she had drummed her fingers nervously on every kitchen surface, looking angry and upset. “My sister dropped by and while we were going up the stairs, she was all like ‘oh you must be sorry to be leaving the place, where are you gonna go?’ and I didn’t know what she was talking about and that’s when she realised, they hadn’t told me yet.” She kept a tight hold of the mug, her eyes still fixed on the empty fireplace. “Why didn’t they tell me?” she was breathing fast and could feel her heart pounding. “They should’ve told me. They never talk to me,” her voice broke and her face scrunched up in anger. Her eyes filled with tears, but she didn’t cry. Bowie let the moment rest. It wasn’t that he didn’t have anything to say, he just felt she needed some air to vent. The room stayed quiet for a few long seconds. He could see her mind racing. “Looks like they’ve made plans to sell the apartment without telling me, so I guess I’m homeless,” her voice sounded tired and hazy. She chewed her bottom lip. “Move in with us,” Bowie said. Her eyes darted his way. “We’ve got the spare room, you should take it,” he offered again. She mouthed words, but nothing came out. She scraped the back of her throat and tried again. “Yes. Thank you,” she answered quietly. She let out a big sigh and her shoulders relaxed. They sat silent for another moment, breathing in the room that had grown darker in the late afternoon. She scratched an itch on her face. “Where’s Jamie?” she finally noted the stillness of his absence. “Out with Sara,” Bowie replied. The front door gave a slam. Jamie walked in with exuberance. “Heya! I found a bike,” he announced as he dropped his keys on the table and draped his coat over the back of the sofa. He walked out to the kitchen and continued, in a loud voice, from there. “I had a really great date with Sara. Went for dinner and a drink.” After a brief moment, Jamie returned with his own cup of tea. He plunked down on Rosie’s right, so far oblivious to the quiet air in the room. “She’s really fun,” he smiled. His friends returned friendly nods but did not reply. The stillness returned as he peacefully gulped his tea. “Rosie’s parents are separating,” Bowie gestured vaguely at Rosie with his right hand, steadying his teacup in his left. Jamie’s eyes shot to Rosie. She bit her underlip again and gave an awkward nod of acknowledgment. “I’ll be moving in with you guys,” she feigned a positive tone. Jamie looked at her with big eyes. He set his tea down on the table. “Oh shit! And here I’ve been like a proper twat going on about Sara,” Jamie exclaimed with guilt. “Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it?” he touched her arm. She smiled. “Nah, it’s cool. Just tell us all about Sara,” she replied. He smiled broadly, swung his arm around Rosie and pulled her in for comfort. She smiled and felt the storm settle down. “Right, so, we went to this café…” he continued on about his latest crush.

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