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May and June 2019 – Document Your Life video

Document Your Life May and June 2019

I’ve pushed May and June into one for this Document Your Life video, as life got in the way of filming a little bit while I was adapting to my new life back home. I look back on two joyful months nonetheless – keep reading to watch the video!

About the video

I had a great editing plan for this video which started out right on schedule, but then, a few life changes got in the way. First of all, I found a new place to live, which was a very exciting development but also meant that I was spending a lot of time on moving house and settling in (again!). In a more unfortunate turn of events, I slammed my head hard against the ceiling the first day after moving, leaving me with a dreadful (but fortunately minor) concussion. Not exactly the best way to start. Though I had plenty of time as the summer holidays had started, it was difficult for me to find routine and time to edit at first, especially in combination with the concussion I’d just caught.

Happenings in May and June

I didn’t have many “events” on in May and June, so that’s caused for a lack of concrete material for this video. Mostly what I’ve captured is me being back in the Netherlands and getting used to the little things. I spent a lot of time either at work or in the house, and didn’t get to meet up with that many people yet.

Most material includes Lauren and her service dog Nugget. The three of us carefully planned little outings that we felt we could handle, like our short trip to Amsterdam and a night out in Rotterdam, where we watched Harry Potter in concert. There’s also a good amount of material of all our pets briefly living in the same house together, them getting used to new living situations as much as we were.

The biggest event for me at the end of June was getting the keys to my new place, of which I gave a quick preview at the end of the video. I moved in at the start of July, so expect to see more of that coming next month.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see many of my friends from way-back-when I was living in the Netherlands before my move abroad, but I did get the chance to reconnect with two old friends. Lauren and I visited Anne, whom I hadn’t seen in years. The three of us found we had so many things in common, so we had lots of fun and definitely plan to meet up more!

I also got the chance to drop by my friend Janique’s graduation exhibition, which was really cool to watch. I’m so fond and proud of all my creative friends!

Janique’s exhibition

Music for May/June

I’d been listening to Dead In Your Head by Bleached throughout June, as it somehow turned up in my Spotify playlists again. What I didn’t realise until after all the editing was done, was that I’d used this song before. Oops! I usually always check beforehand to save me a lot of precious editing time, but this time I felt convinced I had never used this song or even known it that long. I wasn’t at all willing to start the job all over again, so I decided to just leave it. It’s fine. We’ll just pretend this never happened.

Equipment used for this video

Canon EOS 77D
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
Canon 18-55mm lens
Canon 50mm f1.8 lens
Lauren’s equipment

Document Your Life

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