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November & December 2019 – Document Your Life video

Photo by Lauren

After a fair bit of procrastination, here’s my final video for the year 2019.

About the video

During the months November and December I met up with a lot of friends, but I also spent a great amount of time by myself. In my Christmas break especially I tried to record these moments alone too, as those aren’t usually captured on video.

It’s almost like we’re all meant to paint a picture to the outside world that our lives are fun and filled with company and events all the time. I didn’t want to do that for this video. Although I think this video shows a fair balance of moments with friends and just me by myself, the truth is it didn’t feel like enough of a mix in real life at all. The Christmas break almost did my head in because I was on my own so much. It was a relief to go back to the distractions of work and my colleagues afterwards.

On a different note, the burden of doing Document Your Life is becoming heavier over time, but finishing a video still fills me with warmth! Being able to create a collection of personal moments with friends that put a smile on my face is pulling me through. I still intend to keep going, although for the time being I have decided to do bimonthly videos.

Soundtrack for November/December

I had to dig deep into Spotify to find a song that worked with increasingly limiting Youtube audio rights. For this video, it’s Daughter of Swords – Gem.

Equipment used in this video

Canon EOS 77D
Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
Canon 18-55mm lens
Canon 50mm f1.8 lens
Hama tripod

Thanks to Lauren for lending her materials.

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