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November photos

November photos

In a recent post I wrote about how I wanted to practise my photography more. To my own surprise, I took up this intention quite naturally throughout November. As a result, I’ve got lots of photos to show you!

Left: window cat. Right: Nikki at the cinema.

Lauren’s service dog Nugget.

Earlier this year, Lauren, Nugget and I did a full photoshoot. This month, Lauren asked me to take new pictures to show how much Nugget has grown.

Visit Lauren’s blog here and check out Nugget’s Instagram here!

Photoshoot with Andrea

My friend Andrea and I went for a full photoshoot this month. While she tested out one of her analogue cameras, my main goal was to be more aware of perspective while taking pictures.

Check out Andrea’s Instagram here, her pictures are amazing!

Before (top) and after (bottom).

Normally I wouldn’t even consider cropping images, but this time, with my new goal in mind, I decided to play around with it. I realised I’d often written shots off completely just because the perspective didn’t feel quite right – not realising that the cropping tool could actually be a perfect solution! So now, I’m trying to teach myself to consider those steps when selecting pictures.

One of the things I like best about Andrea as a photographer, is that she gives a lot of directions. Personally, I feel very uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I never know how to look or what to do. It’s a painful experience that often results in awkward-looking photos.

Andrea, on the other hand, usually has a clear vision of what she wants, and can tell you exactly how to do it. It makes me feel more at ease because I don’t have to think too much, and also, it doesn’t feel as personal when the photo comes out awkward. It used to be that whenever I looked weird in a picture, I would feel embarrassed and blame it on myself. With Andrea, however, it feels more like: alright, so we tried something and it didn’t work, and it’s totally cool! It’s something I’m hoping to imply with my photography subjects in the future too.

Photoshoot with Patricia

The week after that, I invited Patricia to join me for a photoshoot. I wanted to start an analogue photo project I’d had in mind for ages, and also keep practising some of the tips I had gotten recently.

I was honestly very surprised (and pleased!) by the outcomes. I think one of the things that helped the most, was taking the time we would be shooting around into consideration. We shot between 2-4pm, getting the best light out of the autumn day we could.

My favourite picture of the day: Patricia at the park.

Find Patricia on Instagram here.

A spontaneous nature shot from the same photoshoot.

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