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Photoshoot With Lauren & Nugget

In December and January I spent time at my by best friend’s house, where just a couple of weeks before they had welcomed a new family member: puppy Nugget. Nugget is to become a service dog for Lauren and therefore an enormous part of her life. Naturally, official portraits of the two together had to be taken, a duty entrusted upon me.

Nugget is an entertaining little pup with quite a fiery character. She is already great help to Lauren, which is wonderful to see. It shows in the pictures, too.


We picked out two locations for our photoshoots: one by the water in town, and one in a park with a backdrop of reed that would bring out Nugget’s golden fur.

Apart from fun family photos, Lauren also wanted to have Nugget’s function as a service dog stand out, so we tried getting pictures of her at work with her vest on.

Nugget actually made a pretty good subject for photography as long as she could focus on Lauren (and getting biscuits). Of course she is a curious little thing, but she does not usually go wild when she is outside. (She saves her crazy half hours for tearing down the house when you’re alone with her).

The only edit I have struggled with so far is the one above, which in both cases I feel have turned out just a little too intense and I am not sure what to do with it. I absolutely love the picture though. If you look closely you can see me in the reflection of her eye (I could probably edit this out but I don’t know how and I also do not really care).

IMG_9118eWwebFinally, I wanted to share this picture that I took a few days before our photoshoot. It was shot on a beautiful day in the park, and as you can see Nugget was very attentive. Lauren and I joked that this picture could belong in an outdoor clothing catalogue.

Equipment I used

Naturally, I had my DSLR camera with me for all pictures. I use a Canon EOS 77D which I am very pleased with. For our planned photoshoots, I only used my 50mm lens. It is just best when it comes light sensitivity and it shoots beautiful depth, too. I would say this is my favourite lens by far, but really it is the only other lens I have besides the standard kit lens.

More information

If you would like to see more of my photography work, I have an online portfolio where I showcase my favourites.

Lauren’s blog can be found here, and more information on Nugget here.

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