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Writing a “Lovesick” story (Heartbreakers #1)

A while ago I got hooked on the Netflix show Lovesick, a British series about dating and love throughout one’s twenties. I loved the intimacy of the show. Weirdly, it made me feel nostalgic. I couldn’t stop thinking about it; I wanted more. So… I started writing my own version!

I can’t decide if my story is technically fan fiction, or just very heavily inspired by the show. I kept some of the things the same: my story also focuses on a tight-knitted group of three friends and is started off with a chlamydia diagnosis. The main characters were adapted from the original Lovesick story, but the storyline itself will be quite different. I used some of my own experiences and chose a different setting. My story will take place in Utrecht, my current place of residence.

I am currently writing up to an hour a day and I hope to be posting regularly. If you like the story and want to keep reading, please sign up for the newsletter on the right-hand menu. I will not be posting social media updates. Any feedback is also very much welcome; I would love to hear what you liked, what you are curious about, and if there are any tweaks you would suggest. This is probably the scariest thing I have ever done, but I do have a full outline for the story, so I’d like to keep writing it.

Here’s the first chapter of my story Heartbreakers. Please, if you liked it, let me know in the comments down below. It would mean a lot to me.




They were sat at a café and he was clearly not in the mood. As she sat comfortably with a large cup of tea in her hands, waiting for him to talk, he was slouching in his chair, avoiding her gaze. He seemed restless. “I just,” he softly stammered. A little choke escaped his mouth. “I just don’t understand how you could do this to me,” he moved upright a bit, leaned on the table, and still tried his best not to look her in the eye. “It’s a… it’s a shit move. I don’t get it. I thought we were fine.” A week earlier, she had ended things. Their three-year relationship was gone now. “Well, we were okay for a bit… or at least we seemed to… I don’t know, Gijs, but it’s really for the best and I know you’ll see that too someday. I just don’t feel this is right anymore, it’s not healthy, okay?” The breakup had been an extensive conversation as she had tried to figure out what to do, and eventually she had had to cut the cord. She knew he never would. “Well it’s not fucking fair, alright? You’re going to go back to your life, with all your friends and pleasantries, and I’m going to be on my own. Again.” His voice shook slightly, and he swallowed hard. She frowned. “You’re acting as if I’m the winner here,” she replied. “Oh, come on, we both know you’re going to get a new boyfriend in no time and I’m going to be wallowing alone for the rest of my life. You can find comfort with one of your housemates. But I’ve nowhere to go. You know you’re the only person I can talk to,” he spit out. She bounced back in her chair. That was an unfair accusation. What made him think she could go onto another person, just like that? Did he think this did not matter to her? “You don’t even care, man… you can just turn around like that and break things up. You always do this. You get into your head and you get this weird, distant phase. Well, I’m done with your fucking phases,” he loudly moved his chair out and grabbed his jacket with one hand. Then she watched him walk away.

“Do you think I’m distant?” her arms swing round as she twists her body to face Jamie on her left. She feels a small knot in her stomach as she awaits his answer. “No, what makes you think that?” She bites her lip and contemplates. She doesn’t even know anymore. She doesn’t know how she feels, or what she’s supposed to feel, or what she thinks, or what other people think of her. “I don’t know, Gijs said that I’ve always been distant. And he basically called me insensitive.” She can’t look at him, so she takes in her surroundings. They’ve been walking along the canal waters and there’s a swollen silence in the air, louder than the soft rush of the autumn winds. The trees beside the path have changed colour. Utrecht is beautiful in all its seasons.

He shrugs his shoulders as he answers. “Well, that’s easy for him to say, don’t you think? He’s your ex now. He’s probably just feeling hurt.” Jamie has been shuffling slightly for their slow-placed stroll, hands cooped up in his jean pockets. He looks at her and sees some of the frustration leave her face. “…Yeah, it’s not fair, is it? Just because I broke up with him doesn’t mean I haven’t any feelings about it. It was three years of my life too, you know. It’s not like I took the decision lightly.” She raises her head and some confidence returns in her posture. “Yeah,” Jamie answers. He wanders for a moment. “What happened between you guys anyway?” He speaks carefully. She narrows her eyes, lost in thought, and then gives off a shrug. “We were just… not right for each other anymore. It wasn’t healthy.” He senses that’s all she’ll say for now. “Anyway, what’s going on with you? What made you call for a walk and talk?” She returns her focus to him. He messaged a couple of hours ago asking if they could take one of their traditional strolls along the water. “Has this got anything to do with your doctor’s appointment this morning?” He grins, nods, and smacks his lip.

“Yeeeah, turns out… I’ve got chlamydia.” She stops in her tracks and turns to fully face him.

“Oh, fuck.”

“Yeah… pretty much what I thought.” He takes in her face as she twists her body to-and-fro.

“Sooo… I guess I should get tested?” she replies.

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