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10 Songs That Sound Like Depression

10 Songs That Sound Like Depression

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If you’re keeping up with my blog, surely it can’t have escaped your attention that I have lots of experience with mental illnesses. So in light of Mental Health Awareness Month, I have devised a list of songs that sound just like that inner voice expressing your depression/anxiety. Enjoy?

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1 Make Me A Robot by Tessa Violet

I don’t want to have to fight anymore, I’m tired / I don’t want to have to feel anymore, uninspired / I am too worn out, broken down on the ground, I’m too shy to make a sound / All I have is doubt: I don’t care, you can stare, for a human can’t compare.

2 Leave The Light On by Beth Hart

I’m still afraid to be alone / wish that the moon would follow me home / I leave the light on.

3 Who Cares by Anouk

Who cares? / Who needs you anyway? / You’re a stranger to yourself / And this ain’t no joke man / But I can’t stop laughing

4 6/10 by Dodie

I know that you don’t want me here/ I know that you don’t want me here (oh I’ll just call a taxi) / I know that you don’t want me here (I’ve got to get up early tomorrow again)

5 After The Storm by Mumford & Sons

And I will die alone / and be left there / well, I guess I’ll just go home / or God knows where / because death is just so full / and man so small / well, I’m scared of what’s behind / and what’s before

6 How Soon Is Now by The Smiths

I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does

7 2nd Law by Tom McRae

Tell all my friends I have gone to the moon / Tell all my friends I will write them soon / Tell them, if you see them, that I am better left alone

8 World Spins Madly On by The Weepies

I woke up and wished that I was dead / with an aching in my head / I lay motionless in bed

9 Steady by The Staves

Oh God, oh God, oh God / God I’m only human and I’m helpless

10 Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead

And fade out again / fade out

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