30 Before 30

This week I am turning 25 and I thought this the ultimate moment to set up a 30 Before 30 list! Here are my aspirations and hopes for the next 5 years.

Main goals

In order to avoid disappointment, I have tried to come up with achievable goals limited to a couple of areas. For example, I have thought about travel, my hobbies and interests, skills I would like to learn, and some personal development goals. I have stayed away from intentions in terms of health and/or mental health, because those are things I might not always be able to influence. I have also been more careful with work goals because for some reason these feel kind of personal to me. Honestly, the biggest challenge was to not just put 30 travel goals!

My 30 Before 30 list

  1. Travel outside Europe for the first time.
    I have never left this continent and would really like to explore the world outside it sometime!
  2. Donate hair again.
    In 2019 I donated my long hair to charity. I have really enjoyed my short bob (much more than my long hair), but I would like to donate another time, and with the lockdown this year I figured it was the best time to start growing it out again.
  3. Learn Spanish.
    Currently in progress! I picked up Duolingo at the start of lockdown (it has now been 140+ days) and eventually I would like to be able to hold an A2 conversation.
  4. Learn to play the guitar.
    Also in progress! This is something which, to my surprise, I have really been enjoying. I practise every day and exchange songs and thoughts with friends through audio/video messages. My goal for now is to be able to cover songs I like.
  5. Finish reading all my Jane Austen novels.
  6. Work abroad.
    I actually had this on my calendar for this summer, but unfortunately it got cancelled.
  7. Go on a train holiday in Europe.
  8. Form a band.
  9. Write a song.
    With the band, of course.
  10. “Publish” a short story.
    And by “publish”, I mean put online for the world to see! This year I decided to write a short story alongside my students’ short story project, in order to get a taste of their experience as well as prove to myself that I could do it too.
  11. Adopt another cat.
    Remi is still young and I know he would like a buddy to play with. However, I have been feeling unsure if my current space is big enough for two cats.
  12. Create a photography series.
    This was in progress until the lockdown kicked in.
  13. Sing in public.
    I get pretty bad anxiety – I can’t even manage my nerves when filming myself – but I would really like practice with singing in public.
  14. Take a writing course.
  15. Go to a music festival abroad.
    Although I hate camping, it has always been my dream to go to Glastonbury one day.
  16. Continue to work in education.
    I really love teaching, but as I have briefly touched on before it has been a bumpy ride. Despite any setbacks, I hope I will still be working in education in five years’ time!
  17. Supervise an intern.
  18. Read at least 25 books every year.
  19. Go on a road trip.
  20. Learn how to sew.
    I have mentioned this before, but I would like to learn how to alter and fix clothes to my liking.
  21. Host yearly film marathons.
  22. Become involved with Special Education Needs at work.
    I did a minor in SEN at uni (during my bachelor’s) and it has become something close to my heart.
  23. Take singing lessons.
  24. Go on holiday with my best friend.
    We had this planned already but then 2020 happened. Our plans are to visit London and do a Harry Potter tour.
  25. Take a local holiday.
    Explore the Netherlands! My friend and I had planned to go glamping this week, but again the corona virus had other plans in mind.
  26. Become a mental health advocate.
    As someone who has battled mental illness for years, I find it really important to fight any stigma concerning this topic. In addition to also writing about it quite a bit, I have decided that at some point I would like to speak publicly about my experiences, possibly in relation to my job in education.
  27. Visit a friend abroad.
  28. Become an active volunteer.
    Last year I wrote how much I have started to enjoy volunteering, so when my initial summer plans fell through this year, I went out and found a volunteering position with a local bookshop. So far I have only been able to do relatively short-term volunteer work, but I would like to commit to a longer-term project at some point.
  29. Host a Eurovision party.
    Another thing I had planned to do this year, but alas, it could not be!
  30. Start a media project about my (and others’) experiences with working in education.
    Earlier this year I got the idea for a possible blog or podcast related to this topic, so I have been trying to brainstorm how and if I could actually make this work. There might be something in development already!

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