Falling Behind

For the first time since starting this blog, I failed to write posts for two weeks in a row. During the two weeks I was out, work piled up, blog ideas lay unwritten, and all sorts of intentions went out of the window. All of a sudden I found myself massively behind on life. So this week, I wanted to talk about the frightening sensation of falling behind.

Falling behind on…

There are three major things I’ve fallen behind on: my blog, work, and Document Your Life.

While struggling with a stomach flu for two weeks (yikes!), I had no opportunity to so much as think about my blog, let alone write for it. It was the first time I didn’t post on a weekly basis.

At the same time, I had to give up work as I slept away the flu at home. I was already scheduled to miss a lot of classes due to school activities, but now with being ill, my ruddy schedule became even more entangled. What’s perhaps most frustrating is that I am new at this job, so I’m not used to the year planner yet and it still often confuses me. Recently I spent a full afternoon freaking out because I realised the test week was staring us in the face, but in between all the teacher trainings and other events, I would only have 2 classes left to prepare my students. Ooooops?!?!?! Help?!?!!?

Then, there’s been little time for hobbies. Earlier I wrote about my struggles with getting back to life in the Netherlands, and a major part of this is that I haven’t quite found my routine yet. Not having settled in with my job and some of the basic things in life (when and where should I do my shopping?) leaves hardly any time or energy to spend on my hobbies. So, I am now two months behind on Document Your Life. I have yet to start looking at material from August, and in September life was such a hassle, I only got 13 video clips out of it. I don’t even know when I’m going to pick it up again.

What next?

Considering my blog is only a hobby, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself in that department. It should stay fun. So, if I miss out on a week, that’s okay. I’ll try to pick it up the next week. So far I’ve not run out of inspiration yet either, so I’m sure I’ll be good!

When it comes to work, I expect things to calm down a bit now that I’m no longer ill. I also have a one-week break coming up where I plan to catch up with some work and other life-related things.

Road to acceptance

Obviously, falling behind is a terrible feeling and can be a major cause for anxiety. However, I’ve given myself the challenge of finding peace with it. Fine, so I’m massively behind. Realistically speaking, I won’t catch up soon either. And that’s okay! There’s been so many changes in my life recently that it’d be an absolute miracle if I wasn’t behind a little. So there you go: I am now behind and I will be for the considerable future, but I’m sure we’ll all be okay.

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