Favourite Things To Do During Quarantine

Favourite Things To Do During Quarantine

Though at the moment of writing it’s unclear how long the “intelligent lock-down” will be lasting here in the Netherlands, it is fairly certain that globally we will be dealing with this for a while. Recently I wrote about my favourite things to do alone, and boy, I had no idea I would be needing that list so badly. Passing the time in quarantaine is a different matter, though, so this time I’ve compiled a list of my favourite things to during quarantine.

1 Netflix Party

My favourite thing so far has been scheduling Netflix Parties with friends. Basically, you both watch a film/series at the same time, and you get to talk about it through a chat on the right side of your screen. It feels surprisingly similar to just watching it with your friends physically next to you.

All you need to do this is a Netflix account, Google Chrome, and the Netflix Party extension for Chrome. The extension itself is free, but you can choose to support the makers on Patreon.

2 Reading, reading, reading

What better way to escape the world? There’s lots of reading going on in my house right now. At the start of the lock-down I stocked up on a couple of new books from the local book shop, and now I’m almost halfway through. I chose to reread The Secret History by Donna Tart, and ventured on a couple of newer titles that had been at the top of my to-read list for a while: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste NG, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and currently Normal People by Sally Rooney. I have practically been flying through these books and I’m really enjoying my time with them.

3 Videochat with colleagues & friends

It is the best way to stay in touch with the outside world and have somewhat of a social life right now. I have been enjoying sending voice messages or even calling my friends more, which I used to hate. Ironically, I’ve also started planning weekly “after-work drinks” with my colleagues, even though back in the physical world I was never able to make it to Friday night drinks. In our digital Teams world, though, I’m always free!

4 Attend virtual concerts

Music is one of the biggest things pulling me through right now, so I am delighted every time one of my favourite artists announces a livestream show. Moreover, I am now able to see artists perform that I’d missed before because they didn’t tour my country, or I didn’t have the money to go, or I simply couldn’t make it. There’s often opportunity to tip too, which is a lovely way to support your favourite artists if you can.

5 Duolingo

I picked up my Spanish practice pretty quickly as the lock-down started, and as of writing I’m nearing a 30-day streak. I make a point of practising for 20 minutes every day, and it’s been working out pretty well. Personally, I find it a great way to stay motivated, because Duolingo is so good at rewarding the brain. It also helps that I’ve got a Spanish friend I can talk to about the language and exchange Spanish messages every now and then!

6 Solo talent shows

Nearly every day I go through a little creative half-hour where I’m singing, dancing, and/or lip-syncing. It’s a fantastic way to unwind – and great practice for when we get to go outside again too! Or perhaps my moves are better left to isolation, I have yet to decide on that.

7 Watch films/series

Fortunately my projector came back from the repair shop during this lock-down, so I’m now able to enjoy beautiful Netflix sessions home-cinema style again. There’s no better excuse than a lock-down to spend lots of inactive evenings on the sofa!

What is keeping you entertained during the lock-down?

Everyone’s got different interests and different ways to handle the situation of course, but I’m very curious what you find most fun to do at the moment. I wish I could be playing The Sims or learning the guitar right now, but unfortunately my laptop is too dead to handle computer games, and I aslo don’t own a guitar! I’ve got a good list of pleasurable activities to keep me occupied though. What are yours?

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