I’m Tired Of Rushing

I'm Tired Of Rushing

At a party recently, I spoke to an Australian guy who had observed the Netherlands as a country where everyone’s always in a rush. An interesting notion that stuck with me, because there has always been something indescribable I don’t like about this country. Was this it?

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I am Dutch and I’m in a rush

Really, I can’t say for sure if this is why I feel a certain discomfort in my home country, but I do think the man was right. I have been in a state of rushing for what feels like months.

Constantly hurrying is making me tired and frustrated. I want to do a good job with everything, but I simply haven’t got the time. Especially at work I wish I had more time to sit down and do adventurous research, find inspiration, and in return, sketch out more interesting classes. It’s not a nice feeling knowing that you’re not doing your job to the full extent. It’s worse knowing you simply haven’t got the opportunity to give it your all.

Well, it’s not my best work, but I’ve got to finish at some point.

Of course there are areas where I am rushing for no reason, too, like with my blog or videos. I can’t count all the times I finished a product and thought “well, it’s not my best, but I’ve got to get it out sometime“. It’s just awfully demotivating to constantly let yourself down like that.

How I stopped rushing

A while ago I decided to stop rushing in my regular life. I have always been an incredibly punctual person who needn’t worry about being late. Yet I worry, and I rush, and I get panicked and frustrated and it all snowballs into anxiety and discomfort. I realised that rushing to get to an appointment doesn’t actually makes me faster; usually it just makes me clumsier and more emotionally stumbled. So, I quit. Even if I feel I’m running late (which I’m usually not), I take my time to get myself ready for departure. It serves me so much more peace mentally.

But how do you stop yourself rushing for all these other things? How do I get the best out of my classes with the limited time I’ve got to prepare? And how do I build up the strength and will to take the time for my creative projects? I will be on the look-out for answers. In the meantime, I’m just really tired of rushing.

How do you pace yourself?

I’ve seen the term “slow living” here and there, but really haven’t looked into it yet. I’d love to see some suggestions on what helps you out!

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