My Cat Remi Two Years After Adoption – photo report

My Cat Remi Two Years After Adoption

Two years ago in January, I adopted my cat Remi from the Sheffield cat shelter. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. To celebrate this anniversary, I’ve compiled some of my cutest photo moments with Remi!

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Two years’ photos of Remi and me

January 2018: Remi was still a wee kitten when I got him!

March-September 2018: Getting comfortable whichever way he can.

September-December 2018: Remi and his mates Picasso (left) and Ghibli (right).

Winter 2018-2019: Remi’s great emotional support – here he is holding my friend Jorge’s hand, and comforting me when I needed it.

Summer 2019: During our temporary stay in Almere. He would sit by the window and wait for me to get home from work.

Summer 2019: me trying to convince Remi to catch a large spider on the ceiling (left), Remi making a brave attempt to escape (right).

2018-2019: Naps everywhere! The picture in the middle was one of our first moments together. On the right, we’re both doing some dreaming.

July 2019: on the balcony after our move to Utrecht, where Remi found happiness straight away.

2019: Meeting new housemate Moppie for the first time (left), chasing mice (far right).

2019: begging to be let in, in Sheffield (left), and Utrecht (right) – even though in the last one the other door was wide open!

August-October 2019: Remi’s house rules; no shoes on the sofa, and no doing work when you’re ill.

August-October 2019: Remi in his sweetest and most supportive moments. He’s a very loving cat who loves a cuddle, especially when he knows I’m ill or feeling down.

It’s been a good two years for me and Remi, even through the nerve-wrecking move from the UK to the Netherlands. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s done Remi justice!

Do you have any pets? Were they adopted? Share your favourite pet stories in the comments!

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    Iris Hinfelaar
    February 27, 2020 at 12:04 AM

    Ugh seeing this makes me realize I CANNOT wait to have my own cat (when I have the space).
    Also hi! I like your blog 🙂

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      February 27, 2020 at 3:10 PM

      Hi Iris, I’m so happy you like my blog! You can always drop by to have a cuddle with Remi, he loves attention 🙂

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