Room Tour

Room Tour

Last July I moved into my own space in the Netherlands, and after making a few adjustments recently, it’s really become a comfortable home for me. So, this week I’ll be giving you a room tour.

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Work space

I’ve created this work space where I can comfortable sit at a desk and work on my blog, edit photos, and also check tests sometimes (though I try to leave those at work). I’ve got a blackboard for my weekly planning, which offers a great overview in just a quick glance. On the right, I’ve got a white set of drawers that saved my life. It was the first piece of furniture that helped me get things organised in my room – before that it was a total mess.

The one thing I would change here is the chair. It was given to me for free because I needed chairs, so it wasn’t an intentional decorating choice at all. Other than that, I am 100% pleased with this space. It’s the first part of my room that came together the way I wanted.

Built-in wardrobe

On the left-hand side of my work space, I’ve got a handy built-in wardrobe. I used to keep my clothes in there, but it didn’t quite fit and it grew very messy. Eventually this wardrobe became a huge frustration for me, so I came up with an alternative spot for my clothes (keep reading!). It’s opened up a lot of space that I now use for miscellaneous items.

I am still figuring out how to utilise this space. I’ve not got much in there at the moment, which is fine, but I have a feeling I could do a bit more organising.

Dining area

I quite like sitting here! I always make sure to eat at the table, even though half of it is currently occupied by a puzzle that I’m doing. Initially I considered going for a smaller table at some point, but now I actually like having all this space to do puzzles!

One of the most recent additions in my room is this picture of Remi on the wall. I plan to put more photos and prints up too, and turn this into my “wall of art”.

I am desperate to change this space with some better looking chairs. I’d like to replace them with second-hand findings piece by piece, but haven’t even come round to browsing stores yet! Eventually I might replace the table too.

Remi’s corner

Welcome’s to Remi’s corner! It’s got his big scratching post, the litterbox, and all his toys. As I’m writing, he’s comfortable curled up on the top pillar of the post.

I’ve also got my drying rack tucked away here, in the corner, so I don’t have to look at it all the time.

Behind the sofa I keep Remi’s food bowls and a smaller scratch post. It’s also got this random rectangular wooden box that I’m currently using to keep some of my DVDs and non-fiction books. I will probably think of some other use for this piece of “furniture” at some point, or get rid of it completely. Anyone got ideas?

Living area

My living area is made up of this wide comfy sofa, a dark wooden chest functioning as a table, and a cosy corner with lounge chair and standing lamp. My biggest pride, though, is the rug. It has stayed with me through all my different rooms in the Netherlands.

Tucked away in the corners of my living room area, I’ve got some of my hobby-related items. Under the “fireplace” I keep a bunch of my books, and next to the sofa I keep my cameras safe.

Under the loft bed

The major benefit of having a loft bed is that you get to save a lot of space. But what to do with it? One of the best adjustments I made to this room was adding the white chest of drawers from IKEA. It fits all my clothes, and it gives room for my stereo equipment and music collection on top.

All of my self-care and beauty products are nicely tucked away in the corner by the sink.

Loft bed

I always hated the idea of a loft bed, as I imagined I’d bump my head into the ceiling all the time (which did actually happen the first time I changed my sheets), and I never liked climbing those tricky ladders. However, I’ve really grown into this bed now. It saves a lot of space, and there’s no ugly ladder in sight either, as I climb up into my bed via the fireplace and a step that is cleverly positioned next to it.

The small wooden door in the back leads to much more storage space behind the walls, where I keep things I don’t need that often.

Roof terrace

The roof terrace is by far the least decorated space of my kingdom, but it’s not exactly been my priority either. It’s a wonderful large terrace with plenty of space to sit and hang out my clothes, and right now I don’t need much more than that. In the future I will dress it up more – with a hammock, maybe? All ideas are welcome!

End of room tour

That concludes my room tour! I’m extremely pleased with this place and hope to stay here for many years to come. I’m very curious what it will look like in a couple of years’ time – hopefully I will have added a bit more personality to the place, with more art on the walls, and slightly more original second-hand furniture pieces! When the time is right, an update will surely follow.

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