Saying Goodbye: My Favourite Places in Sheffield

Favourite places in Sheffield

This month my friend Nele came to visit and it served as the ideal opportunity to come back to my favourite places in Sheffield. It was the perfect day out for showing my friend some of the city’s hotspots, but also a great chance for me to say my goodbye to these places before I move back home at the end of April.

In my three years of living here, Sheffield has become very special to me. I love showing people my city and I do it with much pride. Therefore I wanted to share these places to visit in Sheffield with you. I hope this makes for a wonderful guide when you come to explore this great city!

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My favourite places in Sheffield

Why you should visit

Sheffield is worth visiting for many reasons. It is known best for its past as leader of the steel industry, also referred to as Steel City, and is now a good representation of a post-industrial northern city. Nevertheless, Sheffield has lots of parks and green to offer. The Peak District is right on its doorstep, so there is much to explore just outside the city as well. As a bonus, Sheffield is fairly easy to reach (by train, for example) because it is not too far up north, and it is also relatively cheap. Though the city actually stretches for miles on end (it is larger than Amsterdam!), its compact city centre makes it feel cosy and small. This is another reason why it makes for a great day trip destination.

Our route through Sheffield

We started from the train station and worked our way through the city from there. I paid extra attention to the University of Sheffield campus because that’s where I’ve studied over the past three years, and also because this was my last chance to visit most of these places before my departure.

These are 10 of my favourite spots in Sheffield!

1) Sheffield city view from Cholera Monument

Sheffield city centreClaywood Dr, Sheffield S2 2UB

Up on a hill behind the train station stands the Cholera Monument. It is surrounded by a small green park and offers up beautiful views over the city centre. It is one of my favourite places to go when I need time to think.

2) Millennium Gallery

Millennium Gallery Sheffield48 Arundel Gate, Sheffield S1 2PP

Within close reach of the train station (5 minute walk) lies the Millennium Gallery. This gallery is home to various exhibitions throughout the year and also incorporates a charming souvenir shop for all the best Sheffield products. It is always an exciting place to return to because the exhibitions change constantly – at the time of visiting, it showcased part of the national Leonardo DaVinci exhibition, for example.

Nele and I had the best fun with this digital project by Universal Everything.

3) Winter Gardens

Sheffield Winter Gardens
90 Surrey St, Sheffield S1 2LH

Adjacent to the Millennium Gallery you will find the Winter Gardens. This is an indoor green space perfect for spending time around nature when it’s raining cats and dogs out. The Winter Gardens houses a few shops and food joints and also often plays host to local events. Be sure to look out for the Arctic Monkeys elephant when you’re there – it really can’t be missed.

Sheffield Winter Gardens

4) Tamper Sellers Wheel

Tamper Sellers Wheel49 Arundel St, Sheffield S1 2NU

For a nice cup of coffee and an incredible lunch we headed over to Tamper Sellers Wheel, a short 5-minute walk from the Winter Gardens. There are lots of good places for a sit-down meal in Sheffield, but this has always been one of my favourites. It carries a lovely atmosphere with very friendly staff, and it’s decorated nicely too. The food is to die for and there’s plenty good choice for drinks as well!

5) Peace Gardens and Town Hall

Peace Gardens and Sheffield Town Hall50 Pinstone St, Sheffield S1 2HH

Another great open space are the Peace Gardens bordering Town Hall. This place is packed on a sunny day because its location in the middle of town makes it easy to reach for everyone. The fountains are every child’s favourite and the surrounding trees make for a stunning pink backdrop in spring when everything’s in blossom.


Peace Gardens in spring

6) City Hall and the Women Of Steel

Women Of SteelBarker’s Pool, Sheffield S1 2JA

City Hall is an impressive piece of work that towers over Barker’s Pool square, but the real gem for me here is the Women Of Steel statue. It is a celebration of the powerful Sheffield women who took over the steel industry during wartime. Also on Barker’s Pool: a golden post box in honour of Sheffield’s own Olympic champion Jessica Ennis.

7) Henderson’s Relish building

Henderson's Relish Building40 Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield S3 7RD

If you’re talking Sheffield culture, the old Henderson’s Relish building cannot go unmentioned. The “Hendo’s” product is one of Sheffield’s biggest prides and can be tasted throughout the city. The original factory building still exists; it has been bought by the university with intentions to turn it into a pub. The designs show that the authentic industrial look of the building will be preserved and transformed beautifully into a modern space. I look forward to coming back here once it’s finished!


The right side of the building currently portrays beautiful local artwork.

8) University of Sheffield campus

University of Sheffield campus: Firth Court

Here comes the time where I get to full-on brag about my university! The University of Sheffield is home to over 25,000 students and therefore forms a large part of Sheffield culture. It dates back to the 1800s and is known for its status as a red brick university. As one of the most prominent institutions in the city, the University of Sheffield owns some of the most gorgeous and unique buildings in town.

The beautiful Arts Tower carries a very rare feature: a paternoster lift!


Mappin Building. Unfortunately it has been under construction since I moved here.

9) Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens SheffieldClarkehouse Rd, Sheffield S10 2LN

The Botanical Gardens are definitely on top of the list of most elegant green spaces in Sheffield. It stays pretty throughout all seasons: in bad weather you can duck into the indoor garden space with natural beauty from all around the world. One of the best surprises these gardens have to offer is the hidden-away Bear Pit. Go find out yourself!



10) Sheffield street art

Sheffield street artOne of my favourite things about this city is its contemporary looks. The Sheffield art scene is thriving and throughout the urban areas you will find all sorts of exciting street art. Numerous murals can be found on the city’s walls, most of them designed by local artists.

You would need a whole guide to get through them – I’m still exploring myself – but I wanted to share these few in town that I know of!

Now Then Then Now: Howard Street, Rob Lee Art


TV studio: 66 Leavygreave Rd, Sheffield S3 7QY


Fog: Westfield Terrace

IMG_3856e2webMore information on Sheffield street art can be found here.

Other great places to visit in Sheffield

Museums and galleries

Graves Gallery / Free entrance
Historic and contemporary art
Leader House, Surrey St, Sheffield S1 2LH

Weston Park Museum / Free entrance
History of Sheffield
Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TP

Kelham Island Museum / Paid entrance
History of Sheffield’s steelmaking industry
Alma St, Sheffield S3 8RY

Green spaces

Weston Park
Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TP

Endcliffe Park
Rustlings Rd, Sheffield S11 7AB

Millhouses Park
Abbeydale Rd S, Sheffield S7 2QQ

Norfolk Heritage Park
Guildford Ave, Sheffield S2 2PL

Coffee & food

Coffee Revolution
University of Sheffield Student’s Union Brook Hill Road, Sheffield S10 2TG

Steam Yard
Unit 1-2 97, Aberdeen Court, 95-101 Division St, Sheffield S1 4GE

Upshot Espresso
355 Glossop Rd, Sheffield S10 2HP

Follow my friend Nele


I would like to say thanks to Nele for her great company on this beautiful trip through Sheffield! Nele is a Dutch UK expat like me and she runs a travel blog called The Navigatio. Go check it out!

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