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3 Must-Visit Bookshops In Utrecht

The city of Utrecht is a UNESCO-renowned city of literature, so rest assured there is lots to find here. With so many wonderful local and independent shops around, there really is no need to order your books online anymore. I have summed up the three best bookshops for you that all offer English literature.

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Looking Back: My Reading Habits in 2018

In terms of reading, 2018 was a beautiful year for me. It was the year I rediscovered the library and with that reinvented myself a little bit. As a young girl I’d been a massive bookworm, but I lost this trait when over the years school/uni work piled up. Slowly in my early twenties I started to get back into reading – but then the brilliant services of the public library pushed me into a metaphorical pool of books. It was wonderful. Once again, I have become the bookworm I so much cherished as a little kid. Here’s how I did it.

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