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Thoughts On Post-Expat Life

It’s been a good four months since I moved back home from England to the Netherlands, and last week I started to feel this strong urge to write down my thoughts on post-expat life. It has been a strange and disconcerting experience altogether which I find difficult to put into words, but I certainly want to try.

Perhaps you are considering a move back home, are on the verge of going back, or are just curious to see what it’s been like for me. Either way, I hope you can take away something from this post!

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Lifestyle Living abroad

Then vs Now: Three Years After Moving Abroad

Roughly three years ago I announced I would be moving abroad. I got accepted into The University of Sheffield for a master’s programme, so this was the direct reason for me to pack my bags. Fast-forward to 2019 and I am packing my bags again: this time for a one-way trip back to my home country. But before I leave, I want to share my experiences of living abroad with you.

ps. this blog post includes an incredibly embarrassing video from three years back, when I announced my plans and reasons for moving abroad. An excellent opportunity to laugh at 20-year-old Laura. Continue Reading


I’m Moving Home

BIG NEWS: I AM MOVING HOME! Not right now immediately, but in a little while when I finish university. As the final deadline is approaching, I needed to start thinking about the next step. That next step, for me, lies back home in The Netherlands. I am very excited to return and once again step into a new phase of my life. Whereas before I have been very keen to share aspects of my life abroad with you, I would now like to take you on the journey of my move back to the continent. Continue Reading